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Colour love: what hues make you happyLe Creuset

This month Le Creuset is celebrating colour love, and we invite you to explore the colours that are in tune with your character and taste buds.

If You Only Own One Kitchen Thing It Should Be This: The 5.5-qt Round Le Creuset Dutch Oven

If You Only Own One Kitchen Thing It Should Be This

Le Creuset Pots in lovely colours

Someday, when I am rich and living in my kick-ass future dream house, I am going to have a crap ton of Le Creuset enameled cookware in a rainbow of colors stretching all the way around my kitchen. So let it be written.

This pretty, purple jelly is not only easy to make, but full of flavour, compliments to the red grapes and rosemary - a match made in heaven.

How to make red grape and rosemary jelly

LE CREUSET MATTE COLLECTION. Yup, I think I'm sold on the le creuset MATTE!!!! So posh

Le Creuset Matte Collection

Known for their bright, colorful kitchen tools, Le Creuset is taking the line in a new, non-glossy direction with matte options for the minimalist kitchen.

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Le Creuset Classic Tea Kettle

le creuset tea kettle, my vintage enamel tea pot has a crack in it, maybe I should look into getting one of these to replace it! Aqua or Green

Mini Cocottes van Le Creuset <3

I would get a ton of Le Creuset Cookware, the very best and in all different colours. In particular the mini cocottes are appealing to me, they make such cute single servings!

If You Only Own One Kitchen Thing It Should Be This. Now if only I had an extra 300 somewhere...

If You Only Own One Kitchen Thing It Should Be This

Brighten up your kitchen with these nifty Le Creuset Herb Planters.

Le Creuset Herb Planter, 14cm