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Watch the ball drop in Times Square. (Can't say I want to be in that crowd in Times Square, but I'd love to be somewhere close enough to watch in person.


I want to write a letter about myself and stick it in a bottle, then throw it in the ocean. With my address. Maybe someone would write back!

Like all of these, except It doesn't really matter if people remember my name - it DOES matter thought, if people remember His name

Things To Do Before I Die ." by one-ginger-geek Would have to skip down to my or favorite author though.

I know a little but how cool would it be to know it as a second language!

ASL From Switched at Birth I know some! ^^ BUT: learn fluent sign language

My sister did when we were in NYC but I didn't:(

Go to Carlo's Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey! I ♥ the Cake Boss

Lol...don't  know if I could ever.do this but one day i hope to try

bucket list--spend the night in a haunted mansion. Did spend the night in the haunted Vallisca ax house

Fine p. sherman 42 wallaby way, sydney

sherman 42 wallaby way, sydney p. sherman 42 wallaby way, sydney p. sherman 42 wallaby way, sydney p. sherman 42 wallaby way, sydney ~ Dory

I did this once.

I would looooooove to smash some certain people in the face with a pie.just saying (I would also like to be smushed in the face with a pie)_

Yell «Andy's coming!» in Front of Toy Story's Characters at Disney

Apparently if you go to Disney and scream "Andy's coming !" in front of the toy story characters, they stop what they're doing and drop to the floor.

My mom saw them lay eggs without me

If you've ever seen The Last Song, you should wanna watch baby turtles hatch