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The Coconut Mamafrom The Coconut Mama

Probiotic Fermented Apple Sauce

Lacto-fermented apple sauce

Organic Authorityfrom Organic Authority

10 Fermented Foods You Can Easily Make at Home

This is a great quick-reference site to get you started fermenting. It contains links to outside sites that provide easy-to-follow recipes and instructions. Happy fermenting!

Cheeseslavefrom Cheeseslave

Fermented Salsa

Fermented Salsa And Fermented Down and Dirty Sauerkraut Recipes. Fermentation Is Good For Gut Health

Simply Recipesfrom Simply Recipes

How to Make Fruit Leather

How to Make Fruit Leather (photo)

Live Simplyfrom Live Simply

60 Plus Nutrient Dense Recipes Every Kid Will Love

My friend does this. Completely naural, good for you, sparkling fruit drink. Cultured Strawberry Soda at Holistic Squid

Home made pectin! From apples! I was too scared to try this last year when I made jam, but I'm going to give it a try this year! I have plenty of apples on my trees, and I'll get plenty of raspberries from my mother-in-law to make some jam!


Easy Lacto-Fermented Ketchup

Lacto-fermented Ketchup

Stupid Easy Paleofrom Stupid Easy Paleo

Homemade Kombucha

I doubt I will ever be this industrious, but: Homemade Kombucha - flavoured recipes

Attainable Sustainablefrom Attainable Sustainable

Homemade Grainy Mustard Recipe: Easy and Less Expensive!

Homemade Mustard...Just Mustard Seeds and ACV! Who knew it could be so easy! We've been so conditioned to BUY everything from a had to start somewhere right? How about MY kitchen where I KNOW for SURE what it has in it?!