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nurse humor...HAHAHA!!! I laughed too hard at this

This is the human lung inflating...... whaaaaat... I literally just watched this like 25 times!

Check out this cool new tees and hoodies designed for scrubs wearing, patient caring, life saving, heart blessing nurses that we love so much. Wear this with pride and spread our love!

Nurse Bathroom Breaks Banned at Hospital!

True story. #nursing

So true! I love what I do, love my patients, and would never consider anything else. #medicine #job #doctor

Free, Reminders Ecard: You have 8 facial piercings, nipple rings, and tattoos covering 75% of your body. You don't get to cry when I state that I'm here to start your IV!

Hospital Discharge Summary: My Shortest One Ever

So true.

Ok so I am repinning this for all of my nurse friends because it is so true! Apologies in advance to my natural child birth friends...

#nursing #meme #hobbit #nurses #funny

#LOL #Funny #Nurses #eCards


oops :) lol!!!!

joys of shift work

The funniest nursing blog ever...all my nurse friends must read...almost peed myself!!! BEST EVER!

Roller Derby MamaBaby Love.

Says it all

Dad, why does the nurse have our baby? Shouldn't he be with mom so they can learn to breastfeed before she's discharged? ***When possible room-in with your baby, you waited 40 weeks to meet him/her and they don't want to be with a stranger! They need to be with you to get started breastfeeding right away, and on demand!

ha... thank God that's not a daily reality in my department...




Happy Nurses Week!