Just Snape.

Just Snape

HP and the Fresh Prince combining two of the best parts of my childhood

HP and the Fresh Prince combining two of the best parts of my childhood


Well Done Harry…Well Done. I just died a little bit after reading this.

Google Afbeeldingen resultaat voor http://static.themetapicture.com/media/funny-Harry-Potter-little-kid.jpg

Never in my life that I thought "YOLO" was funny, but this made me giggle.

Sempre vi por esse ngulo! hectorbh

I'm a happy Hufflepuff. but have to admit that Gryffindor or Ravenclaw are looking MIGHTY good right about now!

Voldemort’s Assistant Kevin

'Voldemort's Assistant, Kevin' by Anna-Maria Jung and Andrew Bridgman. Ohh poor Kevin :( So undervalued by MrDramaticDarkLord


"Hey, I just met you and this is crazy. But your sister just died so here's her baby." - Here's her baby by Carly Rae Dumbledore

Harry Potter!!

The Sirius one is not not not not not not not okay. But the madamn one made me laugh so hard omg

~ Harry Potter

poor poor Cedric, he never stood a chance. plus it'll take years to get the glitter out of his hair.>>>>>I don't know why I found this so funny 😂😂😂


I loved sneep.

Funny pictures about Potter Animal Pals. Oh, and cool pics about Potter Animal Pals. Also, Potter Animal Pals.

One day these will be mine.

Parenting: You're Doing It Right (totally did dress my almost 2 yr old son up as Ron for Halloween this year, his friends were Harry and Hermione, and all the parents were professors)

I. Love. Oliver Wood.  bummed he didn't appear more often in the later movies...

Best Harry Potter pick up line EVER! If a guy likes me, get some funny HP pick up lines!

Maaaaaal!!!! D:

Aro, (Michael Sheen) leader of the Volturi Coven and very likely relative of the powerful werewolf Lucian. Aro's bloodline remains unknown, but tentatively it seems he might be Dacian.

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