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This is perfect.

This is perfect.

This is perfect.

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19 Creative Ways People Have Satirized Anti-Gay Arguments

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I Do Yoga

"I do yoga to relieve stress, just kidding, I drink wine in yoga pants." tshirt sillies

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Thought about this today when I saw a lot of prudes complaining about foul language in the movie " American Sniper" I mean REALLY FUCKERS ?? It is the military and WAR ,do you thing they are running around screaming Fiddle De Sticks and Gosh Darn ? GET OVER It FUCKERS !


With all these problems in the world…

Exactly! - Cheerios Commercial backlash

Racism needs to die, now more than ever the people of The UNITED STATES of AMERICA need to unite and be caring of ALL people. If we fight among ourselves, it would be that much easier for others to step in and finish us off


John Green on taxes.