the cacao tree

♥ 1000 year old olive trees in puglia


1000-year old yew tree. England.

Birch grove

fall perfection

Ceiba Tree. Ceiba is the name of a genus of many species of large trees found in tropical areas. Some species can grow to 230 ft tall or more, with a straight, largely branchless trunk that culminates in a huge, spreading canopy, and buttress roots that can be taller than a grown person.

Beautiful Ginkgo biloba tree at UVa by macjammer, via Flickr

Amazing photo from Namobia - looks like a painting!

Church of Trees, Belgium

Lowcountry Live Oak - Beaufort, SC by Sco†† C. Hansen, via Flickr

Mendocino County coast, is an 11-acre grove of ancient redwood trees with twisted trunks and branches that shoot out wildly in all directions. The contorted trees, most of which are 500 years old, survived only because their bent wood could not be turned into lumber, and they are a biological gold mine to conservationists. The grove known as the Enchanted Forest, is one of the primary reasons San Francisco's Save the Redwoods League purchased the spectacular 957-acre piece of coastline.

Beautiful Fiery Autumn Trees love fall trees...too bad I never see them anymore. sigh

A tree in four seasons

The Toborochi Tree

Apple Tree

Classic Hot Chocolate (almond milk, dark chocolate chips, honey, vanilla, cinnamon stick) #food #drink

Chocolate Pudding Cake

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salted spicy double chocolate cookies by Beth Kirby | {local milk}

Julia's chocolate mousse