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    12 little known facts about Mean Girls. I'm a little shocked

    Ghetto version of mean girls. I am dying this is hilarious.

    Mean Girls.

    hahahahaha that's awesome

    Shaving my legs is really hard for those of us with FM! LOL, so funny, but true!! (yep, yep, made me laugh!)

    Even though I don't have big boobs, I find this hilarious! This kinda makes me glad I wasn't well endowed :)


    It's quite true...

    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    The "share your food" one rings true for me...

    Mean Girls Bloopers

    i'm immortal :)

    Hahah little rascals!

    SO true!

    Poehler/Fey 2016

    quoting Mean Girls in everyday situations

    "All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother" -Abraham Lincoln

    Everything I know in Life I Learned from Friends