Disney princesses drawn to the age of their movie

little Rapunzel. Tea time - The brief was to portray Disney princesses enjoying a little tea party but they all had to be portrayed the same age as their respective movies (for example Snow White would be 75 years old, Aurora Belle Rapunzel 2 etc).

I like how she drew the couture dresses for the princesses but also drew the princes. :D

Designer princesses with their princes. Dont ever want that to happen to Disney movies for new princesses.

smolder flynn funny perfume YES! I love this movie so much

rebelsong: “ youweremynewdream: “ lololol ” I keep trying to imagine what Eugene! smells like. Probably “really bad man smell” with a bit more “green” and less “brown.” So I imagine Smolder adds.

Prom as a Disney princess

Fairy tale prom group… I can't believe that many high school boys were willing to go along with this. << what if it was their idea so that they could take their Princesses to the prom?

Disney Princesses

Ariel Art Aurora Beauty and the beasy Bella Belle Cinderella Cute Disney Drawing Dress Fashion Girl Hair Jasmine Love Muslan Pocahontas Princess Rqpunzel Sleeping beauty Snow white The little mermaid Tiana Tirar Weasley top right - PicShip

Haha this is perfect! Bahaha Anastasia's perfect! - It would be more perfect if Anastasia was actually a forgotten Disney princess but she was actually not... Anastasia was 20th Century Fox's first animated film.

Disney- Anastasia was NOT originally a Disney princess. She was created by Don Bluth and the movie was released through Century Fox. In April 2015 Disney bought the rights to Anastasia finally making her an official Disney Princess.

I... want to go here so badly.

that would be so awesome, but could he have gym with the guy from Mulan instead? <--That GUY from mulan? THAT'S SHANG!

I didn't know Cinderella came out so long ago. Anybody else seen Moana?

5 Disney Photos that You Will Love

My birth year The Little Mermaid was just released and became an instant hit. It is also my favorite Disney movie.

Disney Princesses turned super   heroes.

Disney Princesses turned super heroes- one of these will be my Halloween costume this year!

Lion King quote - Rafiki & Simba - "The past can hurt, you can either run from it. or learn from it." Words to live by!

Historical Disney Princess by Claire Hummel

Historical Disney Princess

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