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RETNA's Bowery & Houston mural installation. My favorite "gallery."

RECIPE: GRILLED OYSTERS ROCKEFELLER WITH BACON - Recently on a vacation to the Oregon Coast, I was inspired to make Oysters Rockefeller with the fresh oysters purchased straight out of the Yaquina Bay in Newport, Oregon. we grilled the oysters whole in their shells first, popped them open with a shucking blade, dressed them with spinach, tomatoes, garlic, butter, bacon, and cheese, then broiled them in the oven. The result was truly divine, perfect oysters.

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Oysters Rockefeller

"Hollywood," as everybody in New Orleans knows him, is the master of the oyster bar at the Acme restaurant in the French Quarter. He is passionate about Gulf Coast oysters and even more so about the proper way to open one. "I've been lobbying the state to certify peoples that open oysters. It is an art, just like being a sushi chef," he bellows. After he showed his technique and schooled me on the New Orleans way to eat a raw oyster (a drop of hot sauce, then slurp it out without your mouth…

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How to Clean Clam & Oyster Shells Found on a Beach

How to Clean Clam Oyster Shells Found on a Beach

massive RIP wall dedicated to some of graffiti most’s talented writers who passed away such as DONDI, IZ, NEKST, TIE, CASE2, AYER, Rammellzee, and Vaughn Bode, among others this editor failed to recognize. Like other MSK projects, this was a group effort and honorable mentions should also go out to RIME, VIZIE, OMENS and TRAV for their contributions to the explosively colorful typographic landscape. Here’s our coverage from start to almost finish. (Photo: Clams Rockefeller)

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Classic Oysters Rockefeller

Classic Oysters Rockefeller recipe -

Oyster Rockefeller from Murray's New Orleans.