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Oh, how I want these for this summer! (I could seriously Pin this whole site!!)

Fluevog Malibrans -- you know my soft spot for red mary janes and you take it to another level.

On their way! To celebrate the teal in my new glasses. And because they're OMG-I-have-to-have-them (which I don't say often).

Check out the Fluevog Portage. Would love these shoes in a less funky color, but love them anyway.

Check out the Fluevog Liz. Rumor has it that it's a little darker pink. Perfect. The rumor was true...I own them.

Love these, and have a few Fluevog shoes. Sad that my last pair didn't fit right, but could not send them back :-(

Love those shoes! Out of stock everywhere, and like $300 anyway, but still, so cool.

i'm seriosuly thinking of trying these new camera or laptop be damned. sigh. i need a rich benefactor.

What's the point of rejecting the gender binary if you can't wear unisex shoes every now and again? ;)

HAVE: Got a crazy good deal on these, they are ridiculously comfy, and my bosses sent me a nice Amex gift card for XMas that paid for them! :) -- Daily Miracles | Fortune (Red)

melissa shoes the loving shoe. i lurve these!

Fluevog Tailor in Blue Denim. Bought these the minute I saw them. I can't believe how cool they are.