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  • Kim Copley

    36 Ingenious Things You'll Want As A New Parent - BuzzFeed Mobile @Jenni Haight this is a great idea!! Wish I had something like this when Jax was a baby

  • Cristina Daniel

    Sippy Strap with Suction Cup. Great idea for when baby plays the "pick up the cup game!" Will be doing this!

  • Ariel Bertrand

    Sippy on a bungee #tippy #sippy #cup #toddler #baby #ribbon #bungee #elastic #suction #cup #high #chair #idea #tip #trick

  • Jessica Steffes

    Sippy cups won't hit the floor. A strap attached with a suction cup under the table. Good idea.... When the time comes for little babies

  • Cagney Lopez

    Sippy Strap with Suction Cup- great idea! to bad i didnt know about this while my kids still used a sippy cup!

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Chore "Rewards" a chore, get a punch. Get 12 punches, get a surprise. Very cool incentive idea for home!

Such a good idea! Much better than the "do not disturb" sign I am using now:) Just wary of announcing I have a baby in the house to strangers, though.

oh my gosh best idea ever dylans always throwin his cup on the floor! Suction sippy strap, I can imagine all moms needing this at one point or another. Would have loved to have known this YEARS ago!! I am pinning this for my precious friends who have or will have babies in the future!!

Cloth high chair. I'm past this point but for anyone who needs it ,it looks cool.

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Thumb tack and magnet with whatever you want to decorate with. Genius!

Ok, so these are on sale on Etsy for anywhere from $15-$45. Ridiculous! But super duper easy to make. I made my own from scrap fabric costing me ... $0!!!!! It is great to have and I love it (so a 5 for that) but it also got a 5 because of the price!

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Backyard inflatable pool becomes a great, safe indoor play area for baby! Haha, smart if you have the room!

Never have to fumble in the back for a dropped sippy cup again! Genius! I have a feeling I'll be making one of these in the future.