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Homemade Cleaning Products: Floor wash

Homemade Floor Cleaner: Prep: 2 min. Cost: 25¢ Yield: 2 gallons INGREDIENTS *1 cup distilled white vinegar *½ capful liquid castile soap *2 gallons warm water Add vinegar and soap to bucket, then add water (stopping about 7 inches from the top). Swish with mop to mix. Wring out mop and wash floors, but don't get them too wet. Let air-dry—no rinsing necessary.

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Cleaning Jewelry Tips

Cleaning Jewelry Tips I get asked a lot how I keep my diamond ring so shiny & sparkly. So today, I'm sharing my jewelry cleaning tips for you.

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How to Motivate Yourself to Drink More Water

Fitness Friday: Motivate Yourself to Drink Water -

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Surprising Cleaning New Uses

Rice as Coffee Grinder Cleaner Mill a handful of uncooked rice grains in your grinder and the fine particles will absorb stale odors and clean out residual grounds and oil. Discard the rice and wipe clean.