Art Nouveau Style (When You Can't Afford the Real Thing)

Até parece fotoshopada, mas essa foto é real. Uma foto do prédio foi impressa em um tapume gigante que pendurado ao lado de fora do edifício para proteger os pedestres enquanto estava sendo reformado.


Wrapped Building An urban surrealism manifesto. It shelters the renovation of an Hausmannian building during year It's a life-size photographic work based on the original building, printed on canvas, enhanced with bas-relief.

Gregorio Botta 1912 Villa Pappone, Naples, Italy Photo by Andrea Speziali Art Nouveau in Naples

Glass and wrought iron awning over entrance stairs. Gregorio Botta 1912 Villa Pappone, Naples, Italy Photo by Andrea Speziali Art Nouveau in Naples.

Art Nouveau - Villa Ruggeri - Pesaro - Italie - Construction de Giuseppe Brega (1877 - 1960) Architecte et Céramiste Italien. Cette Villa fut sa Principale Réalisation, elle est considérée comme l'Exemple le plus Représentatif du 'Stile Liberty', la Mouvance Italienne de l'Art Nouveau.

I am open to putting some stone work with Art on the out side of the Courtyard walk ways. Villa Ruggeri aka Villino Ruggeri, Pesaro, Italy - 1907 - by Giuseppe Brega (Italian, - Style: Art Nouveau - Mlle

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29 avenue Rapp Arrondissement Built by Jules Aime in 1901 Art Nouveau, Paris, France. One of the most photographed doors in all of Paris

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THIS IS NOT PARIS and is not a "Pretty pink Parisian apartment". It is, in fact, the Daneu Shop (gifts) and the Clock Tower in Taormina - Province of Messina - Sicily, Italy.

Art Nouveau and stained glass by Bluheart

Art Nouveau stained glass, Barcelona - Consell de Cent ~ Arnim Schulz If you have any questions at all about windows or doors, feel free to contact us - just answers, no sales (unless that's what you're asking for :-)

Balcões floridos em Rottweil, estado de Baden-Wurttemberg, Alemanha. Fotografia: SBA73 no Flickr.

color and architecture and these amazing window boxes in Rottweil, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany This is what I loved about Europe. The window boxes.