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  • Amanda Boudry

    Great line from Bill Cosby. Reality check parenting...still awesome. (I remember this episode so clearly, I can hear them reciting these lines in my head. haha)

  • Amber Beckett

    I love Bill Cosby! So funny!

  • Sarah M. Roberts

    I love this show! #TheCosbyShow #vanessa #Cliff

  • Jessica Whitlock

    The Cosby Show is still funny. Great line from Bill Cosby. Still remember this episode!

  • Chana Hicks-Ramdath

    Bill Cosby :) Funny stuff. Loved that show. #mademelaugh

  • Erin Imming

    Bill Cosby is a funny man!

  • Abbey Graves

    23 Life Lessons You Learned From The Cosby Show (via BuzzFeed) I love Bill Cosby so much

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Classic move on my parents' behalf.

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@Chelsea Miller how to win at relationships :) ***very cute. i think it's time to smile and live***

LOVED the Cosby Show! And remember many of Dr. Huxtable's lines to his children, but my all time favorite - and my boys will attest to this is "Boy, I brought you into this world and i will take you out!" Don't cross a mad momma!!!

Still the funniest show ever. And Bill Cosby may be more serious now, but he's still just as right -- if that makes any sense.

Thursday nights in the 80s || Bill Cosby telling it like it is!

The Cosby Show :) "Things older than Dad.." I gotta find the perfect birthday to do this to dad!! Maybe this will be the year!

I have seen this episode. It was Vanessa's makeup and Rudy found it. This was my fav episode! lOL!

Because Bill Cosby is the man.

This is so true..... If anyone ever got footage of my ridiculous antics when I'm trying to brush my 2 year old's teeth, I'd have to kill them