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Kilt Lifter Trollkin Exclusive Model

Female Assassin, sculpted by Jeff Grace and painted by Jessica Rich. The miniature is available from Dark Sword Miniatures, one of my favorite miniature companies.

Khador Behemoth

The beginning of a small Khador warband - with Karchev conversion.

Reaper Miniatures - Belle, Steampunk Heroine. Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi, painted by Martin Jones

40k - Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons #warhammer

Witch Hunter

40k - Eldar Ranger

Khornate Ogryns as Oblitorator stand-ins.

Khador Man-O-War model, 1st Warmachine model - with instructions

Hovering Cygnar Minuteman conversion with smoke trail

Banner Bearer you have to realize while looking at this paint job just how small he is, this is a gaming figure the base is somewhere near the diameter of a .50 cent piece.

Here's a ridiculously well painted Mariner.

big battlesuit v2 - xv202 mako

World Eater

Warhammer 40K

Trollbloods: Trollkin Sorcerer Solo

Lord Ulthrak

Luna Wolf warhammer 40k

Adeptis Rahn - Nice source lighting