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    Kilt Lifter Trollkin Exclusive Model

    2y Saved to Tabletop.
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    Tau Fire Warrior. Something about these 54mm models that is so detailed.

    Empire General

    Xerxis #skorne


    40k - Eldar Ranger

    Let me see your orange models

    146149-Badass, Best Tyranid Scheme, Trygon, Tyranids.jpg (794×1304)

    Way cool take on trench style Khador models!

    Khador Man-O-War model, 1st Warmachine model - with instructions

    CoolMiniOrNot - Mettannan Squad by PrawnPower


    Khador warjacks

    Cryx Wraith Engine | SMOGCON

    TheGrey's Legion Army Showcase (with some other factions' models occasionally)

    Steampunk model figure.

    Trollkin - Cool tartan and column

    Khador Heavy Warjack Juggernaut - Warmachine

    New Forgeworld Legion Praetors, Warhammer 40k

    The beginning of a small Khador warband - with Karchev conversion.

    Tyson's Warmahordes painting blog - Page 4