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Buddy Rich, NYC, New York, 1954 © HERMAN LEONARD. One of the most recognizable drummers of all time, Rich performed with such jazz aristocracy as Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, Tommy Dorsey and Gene Krupa. The heir apparent to Krupa’s crown, Rich’s infamous disdain for practice was just further proof of his prodigious talent.

from Joseph Patrick Moore Music News

Stewart Copeland, Daniel Hope and…

Stewart Copeland - The Police drummer and film composer. Click Picture to find out more info...

Buddy Rich is The Very Best Drummer That I've Ever Seen and Heard.I Very First First Time, I've Ever Seen Him Played The Drums The Next Day I Sold My Bass Guitar and Amp. And Then I Bought a Pearl Set Drums. Wow What An Impact he had On Me. I've Been a Big Fan of His music forever.

from When You Put It That Way

The story of ‘Seinfeld’ and the famous Buddy Rich tapes