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Star Spangled Banner

I almost put this on my Simply American Board. Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes.

Whitney Houston's National Anthem Performance. #Iconic <------ THE BEST TO EVER DO IT!!!!  #pleasebelieveit

Whitney Houston sings the Star Spangled Banner, Super Bowl 1991 in Tampa FL

Star Spangled Banner lyrics vocals and beautiful photos, via YouTube.

The Star Spangled Banner video from the MusicPlay curriculum. Well done and much appreciated, Denise Gagne.

The Star-Spangled Banner.  Wolf Cub Elective 11: Sing-Along

Chocolate Milkshake Recipe and Coloring Pages

September Worksheets and Coloring Pages - Teachable Moments in September. September is National Chocolate Milkshake Day. Celebrate with a yummy chocolate milkshake. Make your own and enjoy while coloring the picture.: The Star Spangled Banner Lyrics Page