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Place Value Foldable

Place Value Foldable.needed this today. Could make this from regular paper and have them cut so they can glue in notebook. Could also redo for decimals.

I've got a foldable for that!: Math Important Book

I've got a foldable for that!: Math Important Book - sequences and square roots I like the idea of using foldables to teach expectations. Interactive way to go over the "rules" at the beginning of the year.

4-fold foldable for factors and multiples, prime and composite numbers

Prime and Composite Numbers, Factors and Multiples math journal entry @ Runde's Room- Australian Curriculum - Identify & describe factors & multiples of whole numbers & use them to solve problems

Place Value foldable plus a cool teacher blog

Rock & Teach: place value - interactive math notebook this is a fun way to play this using a fortune teller

Place Value foldable - I am teaching this fairly early this year.  Great idea! #placevalue

Interactive Math Journals!

Love this idea for a foldable about place value! I am going to expand it to fold twice to show periods, groups, and digits.

long division

Runde's Room

Math Journal Sundays-Division "Does McDonalds Serve Burgers" Divide, Multiply, Subtract, Bring Down, Repeat/remainer

Place Value Bootcamp - 1st Grade - The Brown Bag Teacher

Place Value Bootcamp - 1st Grade

Teacher Tipster (Place Value Song) "This man is amazing. He has tons a resources, songs, tips, etc. He really is amazing!

Math notebooks....awesome! Foldables that use Frayer model (inside of fold) for math vocabulary

Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes: Math Notebooks Vocab foldables section. Open for definition, examples.non-examples

Two Sisters Teach: Place Value

Two Sisters Teach: Place Value ** BATTLESHIP (Center acitivity) **Teaching place value (kids up in front of the class) guided practice activity. could adapt for decimal place values!

Growing Grade by Grade: Rules of Divisibility Foldable

Rules of Divisibility Foldable

Growing in Grade: Rules of Divisibility Foldable. This is a good visual resource for older students to use as they learn rules of divisibility in math.

Students analyze the mistakes they make in math... Great thinking! from Math is Elementary (blog)

I guess I should pin my own anchor chart.Teaching students how to identify the types of math mistakes they have made, and how to fix them. This is an extension of my 'Making Math Matter' chart.