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Okay, on a dummy horse. | 15 Majestic Pictures Of Peter Capaldi Owning His New "Doctor Who" Role

Doctor Who as a book series. The fact that this is in a Penguin Classics format (I love PC!) makes me really start geeking out:) I want this so badly!

Doctor Who: Series 7 fan poster.

Matt Smith on the set of Series 7. Funny because in an interview he said that one day he would persuade Moffat to let him wear a bowl hat. He succeeded! ;D

Doctor Who Ninth Doctor Bookmark with Parting of Ways Quote. $4.00, via Etsy.

Doctor Who - First and Last Words. Whenever you think about, Ten isn't gone. He's still out there in that parallel world with Rose. Which I think is what the 50th anniversary special is about.

Doctor Who, the third Doctor is one of my favorites!

Day of the Doctor. That's right, so many more options are open now. The Time Lords can come back!!

Clara Oswald - ''Thank you for making me feel special.'' The 12th Doctor - ''Thank-you for exactly the same thing.'' - Doctor Who.S08E12 - ''Death in Heaven'' (Doctor Who - BBC Series) source: