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  • Nikki Shultz

    Daddy Date night box. Great fathers day gift.

  • Jessi James

    The Creative Homemaker: Date Night with Daddy :: what a cute idea to make a date night box! :D

  • Brenna Barrett

    date night idea, this is a cute idea for working Mom or Dad. :)

  • Jackie Hooke

    Daddy Daughter Date Night Box. Cute! Perfect for when Alexa gets older

  • Ashlee Rathwell

    Cute idea! Date Night with Daddy idea box 1-I just got a file box, headband and flower(dollar store finds!). 2-After taking apart the flower, I took one of my larger scrapbooking brads and poked it thru the flower and headband. 3-Fold the top of the flower under the headband. 4-Using the blank side of the 3 x 5 cards I cut patterned paper to fit. 5-I used these tabs I found at the office store(they were .30 on clearance!) and labeled them with a permenant marker. 6-All 12 sections labeled. 1: indoor-put together a model car, puzzles,build a house of cards with a deck of cars then play a card game, talk about your favorite "collection"cake baking, build a candy castle, watch a movie 2: adventurous-hike somewhere, roller blade, ice hockey, rock climb 3: free- hopscotch on sidewalk, read a children's book at the bookstore, tour police/fire station 4: outdoor-climb a tree, find the smoothest stone in a river, play frisbee in the dark with flashlight 5: educational-visit museum, plan the date around a book from library, learn a new skill 6: theme-comedy, color, numbers, 7: games-play toss with odd objects, card, bubble gum blowing contest, catch at the park, arcades, picture drawing, 8: playful-play on the park equipment, run thru the sprinklers, whip topping fight, coloring contest, devise your own code & mail a letter to someone 9: cheap-buy a book from Goodwill & replace the names with your own. Read the new story, ride the downtown bus-talk about favorite site, bowling at college campus, frog jumping contest with plastic frogs, feed the ducks 10: daddy's choice 11: sporty-miniature golf, fishing, horseshoes, tennis 12: kids choice. 7-In each section I took the blank side and wrote the date idea (I like my handwriting and its a great keepsake) so it frees up the back side with lines. This is where each child can journal in (for their box) their thoughts and feelings from the date. 8-I made a label to attach to the top{ "Name" date night with Dad} to personalize it.

  • Lisa Leintz-Randolph

    Date night with Dad box Very cute idea, just need to adjust the activities to the age group.

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