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    Ayam Cemani ALL black chicken

    Surrounded by raised garden beds, this deluxe chicken coop has what it takes to keep chickens safe, healthy and laying fresh eggs: a minimum 4-by-8 foot screened-in run and a 4-by-4 foot critter-proof coop for up to three hens. | Photo: Matthew Benson |


    Black Langshan Rooster

    winter hen entertainment

    Cinder block heater & water warmer - light bulb inside cinder bock covered with a stepping stone & water container set on top won't freeze......very clever idea!

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    blue laced red wyandotte

    Orpington Crele Legbar

    Black Langshan Rooster beautifulchickens.html

    Artemisia Silver Mound - Place clippings in nesting boxes to repel poultry lice & mites naturally

    Belgian Quail d'Anver Bantam

    Lavender Orpington.

    Whitewashing for inside chicken house. "Classic lime whitewash disinfects, repels insects, and preserves by sealing surfaces and wicking up water. It dries to an opaque white that beautifully reflects light to brighten up dim spaces."

    Egg colors & breeds

    one of the most useful herbs for chickens....Artemisia Silver Mound - Place clippings in nesting boxes to repel poultry lice & mites naturally

    Golden Sebright Bantams

    Chicken house. . .fancy!!

    Dominique chickens are a threatened American breed on the Ark of Taste`s heritage list. If you raise them you get great feathers, eggs, meat, and you help preserve a dieing breed.

    French Marans Chickens from Marans, France. These awesome, rare chickens lay maroon eggs!