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Karatsu sake cup, Edo period, Japan

E-Karatsu Teabowl, Japan, Early 17th century

Karatsu bowl, Momoyama period (1573-1603), Japan

OHNAKA Kazunori, Japan 大中和典 Not wild about the style but I like the idea of a lacy rim.

ALIA BILGRAMI Natural elegance [Daisuke ANAYAMA]

I offer you this third bowl as another step in your quest for wisdom. In it are the tiny pods of the Anise Seed, reminding you of the benefit of Divine Rest. ~Wisdom of the 8 Bowls

Karatsu ware bowl, Takeo Karatsu type 1700-1760 Edo period Stoneware with white slip brushed under clear glaze H: 6.5 W: 11.8 cm Takeo, Japan

Bottle with Decoration of Pine Tree Period: Edo period (1615–1868) Date: ca. mid-17th century Culture: Japan Medium: Stoneware with iron-painted design and copper-green glaze over brushed white slip (Takeo Karatsu ware)

E-Karatsu Large Plate with Pine decoration

Tea bowl in Korean style, Karatsu ware 1600-1620 Momoyama or Edo period Stoneware with wood-ash glaze; gold lacquer repairs W: 6.0 cm Japan

Bowl, Takatori ware, 1600-1630 Brown stoneware with rice-straw ash glaze #chawan #kintsugi