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A pledge all dog owners (and cat owners) should make and should feel. Why? If you don't know, then you should not have an intelligent, caring pet capable of profound love....Hey nostalgic here I did not write this but I think they have point.

LOVE my dogs. :) (And cats. And chickens.) Love my kids, too, but they don't RUN to greet me anymore. :)

Dog Bowl Water Bottle

Designed just for dogs, this water bottle keeps your canine companion well hydrated on the go. With just a squeeze of the bottle, the attached dish fills with water at an inviting height for dogs to drink. The adjustable velcro strap lets you attach the bottle to a backpack, belt, or wrist. Fits any standard car cup holder! Perfect for those dog lovers who are always on the go.

Please consider a senior dog If you're thinking of adopting Most senior dogs get overlooked every day in shelters. Breaks my heart that people will surrender them just because they are getting old, they are a part of your family for heaven's sake!! Awful.

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How to Perform CPR on Your Dog

How to Perform CPR on Your Dog.