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    Internal Acceptance Movement

    Body type calculator. Shows you what skinny looks like with your own body type and gives you tips on how to achieve it as well as famous people with the same body type. Very cool!

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    Back On Pointe

    Back On Pointe

    Back On Pointe

    Exercise is natural mood improvement


    I vow

    lose the excuses! they don't get you any closer to your goals

    Look out for these 12 signs of ovarian cancer [Infographic] ~ Known as the "silent killer," ovarian cancer is one of the least talked about cancers — yet it is the fifth most common cancer in women. Many don't realize that there are warning signs to watch for, which could be easily disregarded or mistaken as something else.

    Dr. Oz's Just 10 Challenge! Just 10 | Rule #1: Cut Out Soda Period. Soda is full of caffeine and high fructose corn syrup. In addition to contributing to weight gain, soda increases your risk of diabetes, bone weakening and tooth decay. Just 10 | Rule #2: Stop Eating at Least 3 Hours Before Bed The kitchen closes 3 hours before bedtime. Schedule your dinners and eat at the table where you can be conscious of what, and how much, youre eating. Just 10 | Rule #3: Move for 10 Minute...

    What body fat percentage do you want to be? Do more of this, less of that.

    Lose weight

    Seeing that starting in 2013 I am working 10-6 there should be NO reason why I can't wake up in the morning and work out!!!!! Morning workout tips #fitness

    work hard and be healthy

    puts things in perspective: I would like between an Elephant penis and the worlds largest ball of tape. LOL

    10 Tips to help you De-stress

    What to drink first thing in the morning & the last thing at night and why they're so good for you.

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    Be the body you want.