Crockpot Sandwich - awesome idea to throw in the crock pot attending a fall activity and have dinner ready for us when we get back.

Crockpot Sandwich - awesome idea to throw in the crock pot before school and go eat during lunch break :)

Crock Pot Sandwich great for busy days or for when you have company and people want to graze all day

Slice loaves of bread and fill slices with sandwich fixins, then place in your Crock Pot set to high for one hour.great for when you need to feed a party of people hot sandwiches at the same time!

Kelley's Recipes: Crockpot Italian Chicken: cream cheese block mixed with cream of chicken soup amd package of dry Italian seasoning.

CREAMY CHICKEN RICE in the CROCK POT ~ Just 5 ingredients - chicken, rice, cream cheese, cream of chicken, and italian seasoning. I could live on this stuff. This is my favorite meal!fatfree cream cheese and fatfree cream of chicken soup?

cranberry pork for the crock pot - add to the menu for family members who don't like turkey

Easy, delicious and healthy Crockpot Cranberry Pork Roast recipe from SparkRecipes. See our top-rated recipes for Crockpot Cranberry Pork Roast.

Maximum breakfast deliciousness with minimum effort? Don’t mind if we do! From sweet to savory, these crowd-sized breakfast bakes are lifesavers when you're hosting overnight guests.

9 Super-Easy Breakfast Casseroles

Hosting brunch is a breeze when you serve any one of these stress-free breakfast casseroles made in pans.

Crock Pot Cheesy Potatoes by Julies Eats & Treats

Crock Pot Comforting Cheesy Potatoes

Crock Pot Comforting Cheesy Potatoes 1 oz) cream of chicken soup 1 c. sour cream 1 Tbsp onion flakes c. butter, melted tsp salt tsp pepper 1 oz) frozen cubed hash brown potatoes, thawed 2 c.

CrockPot Fried Rice Recipe. Have a bunch of leftover brown rice... This might be on the docket this week.

CrockPot Fried Rice Recipe

crock pot "fried" rice: throw it all in and cook for 2 hours (very flexible recipe, uses brown rice and tons of veggies)

Crock-Pot Beef and Noodles

Beef and Noodles Crockpot Recipe - didn't cook it all night and added beef broth to this as well. Cooked it about 6 hours then added 4 cups of water with the noodles. Is good over toast. Very good flavor.

Crockpot Honey Sesame Chicken Recipe Main Dishes with boneless skinless chicken…

Crockpot Sesame Chicken [real name: crockpot honey bourbon chicken - but there's no bourbon - hmmmm] anyway - it sounds delicious!

Grand Prize Crockpot Chicken and Dressing (onion, celery, day old bread, corn bread, crem of chicken, chicken broth, eggs, chicken breasts)

Crockpot Swiss Chicken Casserole -- The cooking time on this must be shortened if you use less chicken breasts. it was about an hour and a half to two hours shorter for just two big chicken breasts.

BBQ Beer Chicken, in the Crockpot! Recipe - ZipList

BBQ Beer Chicken, in the crockpot! Serve it with coleslaw and baked beans for a super easy and delicious summer meal (you'll have him at 'BBQ Beer')!

Crock Pot - Pot Roast, easy throw everything in and go recipe!

Crock Pot Pot Roast this was easy and turned out yummy. the recipe yielded dinner for 2 for 2 nights and a lunch for each of us.

Crockpot Cheeseburgers - I like the idea of a sloppy joe style cheeseburger, maybe with a few tweeks to this recipe -  LAWRENCE CENTRAL???

Crockpot Cheeseburgers and a Vlasic Giveaway!

Crockpot Cheeseburgers (can sub morning star ground beef and portobellos).these are delicious and are cooked with onions, garlic, cheese and pickles right in your crockpot!

Make your own rotisserie chicken in the crockpot! So easy and delicious.

Easy Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken That Will Save You Money

Breakfast casserole... great for leftover ham especially if you had it for Christmas dinner.

Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole -a hit for Christmas morning Double recipe. Season potatoes as they go in. Cooks on low for 3 hours. Prep stuff day before, throw it all in early in the morning.

Beef Stew with Red Wine and Dumplings - rich and luxurious crock pot beef stew recipe and the herb dumplings add a wonderful texture and flavor to the overall dish. The red wine adds a great flavor and the onions make this one of the most healthy crockpot  recipes, which adults and kids alike will adore

Crock Pot Beef Stew with Dumplings

Beef Stew w/Red Wine & Dumplings - rich & luxurious crock pot beef stew recipe & the herb dumplings add a wonderful texture & flavor to the overall dish. The red wine adds a great flavor.