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Stunning 3-dimensional spider. Lippo Tattoo, Italy.

amazing map tattoo from Lippo Tatto

And another one so cool from Lippo

<3 the swirls

Wild Hearts Cant Be Tamed quote tattoo, quote tattoo idea, tattoo ideas, tattoos http://tattoo-designs.us/wild-hearts-cant-be-tamed/

Lippo Tattoo


3-D Is The Next Wave In Tattoo Design

Couple Tattoos <3

stunning!!! WOW!!!!

I love you to the moon and back tattoo design \/\/ idea on the wrist. Maybe written in my future husbands handwriting??

Liz-- a couple tattoo idea! You each get the heart on your ring finger at an angle so it wraps around, and looks like this when youre holding hands!

Both daring and bold! This beautiful tattoo is great for any woman who is a fan of the different sides of things or if they just love birds or flowers. Though rather large in size it is a great choice for a tattoo.

I <3 roses

Awesome 3-D tattoo!

Lippo entrega otra sutíl pieza de su trabajo / Lipo delivers another amazing piece of work. Lippo Studio

Black Light tattoo <3

Amazing Watercolor Tattoo - 65 Examples of Watercolor Tattoo <3 <3

Realistic lily and tige tattoo on higth by alexander yanitskiy - 55+ Awesome Lily Tattoo Designs <3 <3

Hyper-Realistic Tattoos You Won't Believe - Likes

so delicate.<3