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  • Goran ...

    Bonnie on the Floor by Robert Farber

  • maria eduarda

    .because photography is light. and the contrast of light and shadow makes her poetry to my eyes.

  • Nastassja Philippou

    #photography #photo #woman #naked #lying #sunlight #black #white #monochrome

  • Ana

    Robert Farber. Black and white photography

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great photography...use of light to show volume of mass (3D) or shape (2d)

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Marcin Ryczek - This image has a very graphic feeling with bold lines and high contrast. The ying & yang nature of the photo creates perfect tension and balance.

Gorgeous. Photography by Vladimir Tolman 1930. Love the movement in this image!

Amazing emotion felt and told. Posting this for the person instantly thought of. A power shot of the Journey of strength.

Seriously drawn to this. Reminds me of something my son would create.

Masao Yamamoto - Japanese freelance photographer known for his small photographs, which seek to individualize the photographic prints as objects.