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Women own only 1%% of the world's land Disturbing Facts For Women Of The World The world is still not a fair place if you are a woman. Steampunk

"Women earn less than men in 99% of all occupations." #feminism

"600 women were raped every day in 2006 in the USA." EVERY DAY people... #feminism

How some feminists act // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

2 million girls ages 5-15 are forced into the commercial sex market each year. #feminism

By Invitation Only -- Feminist Art, Reproductive Rights, Educational, Poster. $12.00, via Etsy.

Hahaha this is cute - although I don't think anyone has to necessarily claim the label, it's funny how people can believe everything it stands for yet they're still "not a feminist"

I fight like a girl: who refused to be a victim, who demands respect, who has a lifetime of anger + strength + pride, who knows that this body & this mind are mine. I fight like a girl who fights back.

"Fight for women of all colors, fight for transwomen, fight for women of every class. Not just white, middle class, cisgender women. We all need to back each other up and fight for equal treatment."

"Yes, but-" No, you're a feminist. "Yeah, but -" Nope. Feminist. "But-" NO BUTS. And you guys know how much I like butts.

"I'm not a feminist, but..." - Why do women say this? We get to do what you want, be who you want. Love taking care of your man? Do it - awesome! Marriage isn't for you/you have non-traditional priorities? GREAT! That's the point! Don't say your not a feminist.It just makes you seem silly. All women in general) should at least google the definition before claiming not to be feminist. It is not a dirty word. Femininity isn't ant Feminist. And you can be a good mother, wife AND a feminist!

Fuck that. If you want equal rights, you're a feminist. That's it. Being a feminist doesn't mean you hate men. It doesn't mean you think women should be in control of everything. It means you want equality. How can that ever be a bad thing? It isn't something you need to be ashamed of and it isn't something you need to hide or dumb down.