A water slide in my bedroom that takes me straight to my pool on the floor below? Yes, please!

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I really like this ...would love looking up at the stars every night and the rain/thunderstorms amazing

Don't fall out of bed!

Beneath-house pool : Now THIS is a basement !

House slide

Indoor pool

Awesome !


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Stairs with a slide. umm yes!

This is why my next house must have two floors. I freaking love creative staircases!

Awesome for dorms

I. Want. This.

...for my future lake house

These are crazy!

A great home office in another well organised closet. Again could also be implemented in an alcove, under the stairs or other small space.

I'm thinking every girl needs one of these nooks....sound proof, hidden and with a lock on the inside...just so we can slip away every now and then

magicswim- an inflatable pool for boating with tiny holes in the bottom so lake/ocean water fills the pool without the fish and stuff. Magical!!!!!!