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"yeah or it could just wait so you can learn and thus continue on to be a working, important part of society. its a chain reaction. dont text in class lol. im in a ranting mood today. meh." Is what the last person said... or you can do this and be a genius

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 44 Pics

I have not laughed like this at a pin in quite some time!

This makes me laugh out loud! That's best friendship- risking a kick to the face to save your friend from humiliations and possibly a broken neck.

Aaron Melhorn , I will see your Kanye East/West and Raise you a Dollar

Daily Funny Pictures - 43 Pics

Things I would wish upon my enemies�

Why is this so funny?! Because it makes the same face! (Lights on car= two eyes and mouth)

Oh man! His face is hilarious, it's like he doesn't even care that millions of people will see this #foreveralone