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  • Gryn Muse

    40 Historical pictures tell a different story A mother and son observing a mushroom cloud after a 1953 atomic test in Las Vegas.

  • Sarah GK

    A mom and her son watch the mushroom cloud after an atomic test 75 miles away, Las Vegas. 1953.

  • Alan S Lawson

    #MOM and #Son Watching the #mushroom cloud after an atomic test Las Vegas 1953, 40 Must-See Historical Photos - BM Pak | BM Pak

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1954 - Miss Atomic Test, Las VegasAbove-ground nuclear testing was a major public attraction during the late 1950s, and hotels capitalized on the craze by hosting nuclear bomb watch parties, which usually included the dubbing of a chorus girl as Miss Atomic Bomb. Merlin was the last and most famous of the Miss Atomic Bomb girls... inspiration for The Vegas band 'The Killers' song, Miss Atomic Bomb!!!

Atomic Bomb Testing Near Las Vegas in 1953...TV usually did not even sign on until late afternoon but when they tested the Nuclear Bombs in the Nevada Desert, they showed it on TV in the morning live.

KNPR's State of Nevada -- Atomic Tourism In Las Vegas #interestingandwierd

Miss Atomic Bomb 1957, Lee Merlin was a Copa Girl at the Sands Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada - Thirty-one atomic fission weapons, weapon prototypes or experimental devices were fired in Nevada from January 1951 to January 1955.

Las Vegas, 1955 | bathers through the ages | 1950s | summer fun | jump | leap | www.republicofyou...

Atomic explosion at Nevada Test Site. (Colorized Photo). This is such a funny and ironic photo. All these people sitting far too close to this explosion, not understanding the consequences and radiation they could get.

A Nevada sheriff standing against the light from an atomic blast 40 miles away Operation Teapot, photo by George Silk for LIFE, 1955

Vintage Las Vegas: There's always something going on in Las Vegas! (Travel poster from 1952.) old casinos, atomic bomb test