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emg...... Bahahahaaaa!!!! I am sooo crying right now

If you can get through this reading it aloud without crying laughing so hard.hats off to you!

I am laughing/crying right now...

Gigi made me look through an entire page of ERMAHGERD pics just to get to this one.

ermahgerd. Gavin is obsessed with these "ermahgerds"...he cries laughing every time... So funny!

Gavin is obsessed with these "ermahgerds".he cries laughing every time. So funny!

Me when diving

Ermahgerd I'm in the Olympics! - Funny Ermahgerd joke with an Olympic athlete jumping in the water: ".erm in the erlympurks!


Seu dia está ruim? Confira algumas pessoas que estão tendo um bem pior do que o seu

Find here a funny Gif Picture of Wave Fail in the Sea. A bikini teen girl gif picture. How she fail in the wave of sea water. Have fun with beautiful girl.

HAHHAHA @Alicia H Nothing more need ever be pinned. Ever.

Ginerm (Did we pin this before? If so, please delete or let me know and I'll remove my duplicate pin.

kerns @Katie Vanhorn

I'm not sure if people will think this is as Hilarious as i do, but this just made me laugh so hard i cried XD this girl has made my day

Who would do this?!?! That is soooo wrong! LMAO

I would be OCD as crap about this. OMG I would rip someone to shreds if they did this to my hubba bubba bubble tape.