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PROVERBidioms ($0.00) The game contains hundreds of English sayings painted literally. See the pictures below to see what we mean! The aim of the game is to find as many of them as you can. Helpful alphabetical list of all the sayings to guide you. Gameplay is similar to ‘Where’s Waldo’, but much more mature (this is an adults game). Discover hundreds of humorous, bizarre, and sometimes risqué interpretations of everyday sayings hidden within four famous paintings by T. E. Breitenbach.

SCRABBLE Free ($0.00) CONNECT AND PLAY WITH FRIENDS! Now it’s easier than ever to find friends playing SCRABBLE. Square off and play up to 50 games at once – more than any other word game on the App Store! See why SCRABBLE is America’s Favorite Word Game

The Amazing Spider-Man AR ($0.00)requires an iPhone 4 or 4S, or iPad 2 or newer. Devices must be running iOS 5.0 or higher. Imagine seeing Spider-Man come to life right before your very eyes. The Amazing Spider-Man Augmented Reality App allows you to discover Spider-Man in the world around you. Locate special movie-themed AR images and scan them to unlock exclusive 3D Spider-Man interactive animations.

English Idioms Illustrated ($0.00) What is the meaning behind English idioms, and where do they come from? Join Professor Potts to discover the secret history of more than 160 beautifully illustrated English idioms, from "Achilles’ heel" to "Wrong side of bed".

Apples & Pairs - Word Matching Game ($0.00) a challenging game where players have to match words – either words that have the same or the opposite meaning. The cards are laid face down and two cards are turned over at a time. The object is to flip pairs of matching cards. Advanced users can also match phrases and sayings that are common in English but rarely taught in the classroom. All the cards must be correctly matched before you can advance to the next challenge.

RexNFoodbot ($0.99) Rex, a scientist, invented Foodbot, a robot that can produce tasty yet healthy food. But, Foodbot was mis-programmed. He was becoming out of control, continuously generating different kinds of foods including junk foods. The only way to fix the robot is entering 6 codes into it. Help Rex complete seven funny & challenging tasks. Completing each task will give you a code that helps Rex to repair Foodbot. He will need all your dexterity and wit to solve the food crises.

Talking Tom Cat By Outfit7 - My OT friend turned me on to this app for iPad. Helpful for kids who need to learn to self-monitor for their articulation errors. -FREE