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Robynn Molino resurrects buried treasures. Part of her PUSH line, the Number Band Ring is inspired by vintage receipt printing ribbons. Studded in random numbers and symbols in a familiar font and complete with an antique finish, this retro-fashioned gem is sure to be a hit with rockers and math nerds alike.

Ornate Victorian Typewriter

I cant resist pics of these old typewriters .. Truly: The same vintage as in our high school typing class. Fun!! :-)

Green Typewriter

*Vintage Typewriter

Directly from the steno pool. Custom Smith Corona Yellow now featured on Fab.

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Rustic French Country Home

Smith Corona Vintage Typewriter. I had one very similar to this one...only electric....that my parents bought me when i went away to college. loved it. and like an utter stupid, when computers came into my life all necessary and fast...this sweet, loyal friend at unused. i deemed it unnecessary and gave it away. i've missed it every single solitary day since then. and i could kick myself for being so short-sighted. dang.

Corona typewriter

Vintage Typewriter

I just like the way this old typewriter covered in old cigar labels looks....mellow feeling...



Rusted typewriter