22 Ideas for Container Gardens|It's not too late to start planting. Try one of these beautiful, easy ideas.

pretty succulents---more ideas for that succulent garden i am growing in my imagination. or maybe for real down the road

succulent garden in a bird bath

succulent combo- beautiful combination, succulent container gardening, succulents,

Succulents In Containers - this is a great post showing some awesome succulent combinations!

Love this! Succulents growing in blue beach pebbles or tumbled glass.

How to Make a Succulent Garden, trendy but beautiful and easily sustainable!

A clever way to transpose a birdbath...plant succulents in one!

Great use for a broken pot! // Green Home

Vintage - Succulents with Antique Container - Bloom Couture


Fall Container by Avant Garden - 5 Fall container garden ideas

love the purple and green together

Escheveria 'afterglow', the colors are almost hard to believe, but real.

gorgeous mix of light and dark-

Beautiful Container Garden Ideas

Tovah Martin shares her 7 favorite houseplants. Love the indoor 'nana' Juniper.


To keep algae growth from your bird bath drop some pre-1982 copper pennies in. I have what I would call a normal size bird bath & I use 7 pennies. The reason for the pennies being pre-1982 is that before that year, the pennies contained copper, a natural algicide.

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