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Why Read 20 Minutes A day? This should go home to every parent at the beginning of the year, but I'd highlight the test score part more!

EXCELLENT short film to teach inferring.

HoJos Teaching Adventures: Using Prezi to Teach Figurative Language to Your Students {especially ELL students!}

cause and effect

One of my favorite reading charts that I've seen! Definitely making this next year.

Introducing a Class to Text-based Debate (3-5) on Vimeo


Writer's Workshop non-fiction lesson on fact vs. opinion.

Nonfiction Conventions I have...Who Has? Game! FREE :)

text to text, text to self, text to world posters

Great anchor chart!

Making Inferences anchor chart

An entire pinboard dedicated to pictures that assist in teaching inference!

The Power of Audio Books ~ Blog article by Laura Candler with tips for using audio books in the classroom

anchors - figurative language

I have seen many of these, but this one is the easiest on the eyes. (Text Features)

Author's Purpose lesson

How do I find the main idea?


Non-fiction text features anchor chart


Character Traits-Uses the acronym F.A.S.T. for Character's (F)eelings, (A)ctions, (S)ayings, (T)houghts

This anchor chart helps students to support their responses.

Foldables - Nonfiction text features

Author's Purpose