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Love the way the flower is hanging from an upper corner of picture, like the birds pose too. Wish there were more flowers of different types and colors cascading down

 Purple Costa's Hummingbird Feeding by JoeyD  on 500px○   1077✱1618px-rating:88.8☀  Photographer: JoeyD , USA

Humming bird purple head, looove them.

Ruby Throated Hummingbird by MyohoDane

Ruby-throated Hummingbird getting nectar from a bleeding heart flower/by Daniel Gelinas on

La belleza de la creación

This is another variety of hummer that we see in the summer.


Humming bird nest - Where we lived salmon berry bushes grew abundantly and the hummingbirds loved making nests in them. Such a delight to be able to show my young children their nests with the small little eggs or baby birds in them!

Broad-billed Hummingbird

Broad-billed Hummingbird (this picture makes me lol)

Hummingbird Beija-flor O beija-flor, também conhecido como colibri, cuitelo, chupa-flor, pica-flor, chupa-mel, binga, guanambi, guinumbi, guainumbi, guanumbi e mainoĩ, é uma ave da família Trochilidae e inclui 108 gêneros. Existem 322 espécies conhecidas. Wikipédia Classificação: Família Classificação superior: Apodiformes Classificações inferiores: Trochilinae, Stellula, Loddigesia, Phaethornithinae, Abeillia

Yeloow-orange flower and a Hummingbird

Albinismo (57)Colibrì

Rare Color Morphs from Project Noah. Huge variety of animals with color morphs. Love this albino hummingbird. Tons of pics at the link.

Absolutely Beautiful and Sweet babies hummingbirds!

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Tobago is pure Caribbean with swaying palms, calm turquoise waters and mile upon mile of sun-kissed beaches.