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    The Sphinx, Old Kingdom, Egypt

    • O Nagati

      After the pyramids the sphinx is most associated with Egypt, the half lion half man statue is one of the many remarkable things of #Egypt

    • Teri Wilske

      The ancient Egyptian sculpture called The Sphinx is also located on the Giza plateau, and was probably carved at the request of the 4th dynasty pharaoh Chephren or Khafre. The statue is carved out of the native bedrock, and has the body of a lion and (so is believed) Pharaoh Chephren's face. Later the Sphinx became associated with the Egyptian god Harmakhis.

    • Karishma Rajcomar

      I can only imagine how long it took the creators to build The Great Sphinx in Giza. I am sure that they enjoyed plenty of #Lays as they worked on it

    • Karishma Rajcomar

      Join me on my journey around the world, with Lays South Africa As our journey continues around the world with #Lays, our next destination is The Great Sphinx in Giza. I can only imagine how long it took the creators to build this,. I am sure that they ha

    • Luis Del Rio

      In Egypt there are numerous sphinxes, they usually have the head of a king wearing his headdress and the body of a lion. The great Sphinx of Giza was built in about 2530 BC by Khafre .The Sphinx is a guardian figure protecting the tomb of Khafre from evil spirits.

    • Historic Hotelsegypt

      The Sphinx is one of the ancient statues in the world. It was built by the ancient Egyptians with a human face and a body of a lion to protect the Pyramids and the treasures buried inside it.

    • Fran Hansen

      The Sphinx -standard theory states that the Sphinx was carved from a limestone outcropping of the Giza Plateau sometime after 2540 BC. Conspiracy theorists claim that it was built around 10,000 BC, by Atlanteans. John West and Robert Schock, Egyptologists, have agreed that the erosion of the Sphinx was caused not by sand and wind, but by water, and the only time this could have happened was 10,000 years ago. But there weren't even Egyptians then.

    • Colleen Nauha

      The Great Sphinx of Giza - still hope to see it someday

    • Jill Cole

      On my bucket list

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