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Charlie :  Nina Luec #jesuischarlie #CharlieHebdo

Les caricaturistes rendent hommage à «Charlie Hebdo

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A méditer


Je suis Charlie en dessin, hommage aux victimes des attentats du 7 janvier 2015

Avec Charlie Hebdo, Les canards voleront toujurs plus haut que les fusils

Gros (2018-01-18) extrémistes ....

Gros (2018-01-18) extrémistes ....

According to those who knew them and followed their work, the four cartoonists who were killed Wednesday represented a radical, crude and vital strain of French culture.

The Men Behind the Cartoons at Charlie Hebdo

" Hollande sits in lifeguard chair and says, "We don't move," while everyone in the water drowns.

Martin Vidberg #jesuischarlie

Ça crayonne dur pour Charlie

"If you don’t surrender our trained drawer will caricature the prophet." (It is a reference to the two hostage situations that occured today with the integrists that killed the Charlie Hebdo staff on.


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