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Google's First Day Of Spring Logo

Today is the first day of Spring in many parts of the world and to celebrate, Google has a special Spring Equinox logo. This logo's design was by Marimekko
  • Laura Green

    #GoogleDoodle #SpringEquinox by #Marimekko

  • Meg Ruth Photo

    Google Doodle! Happy Spring! Marimekko!

  • Ruth Carroll

    Google marked the vernal equinox, or the first day of Spring, using a doodle based on a design by Marimekko, the *Finnish* textile company famous for its bright, bold prints.

  • Laura Trentadue

    Google Doodle per l’Equinozio di primavera in stile Marimekko | Trackback

  • Eleanor Gould

    Marimekko designed the google logo today (March 20th) to celebrate the spring equinox (:

  • Dawn McIlvain Stahl Editorial Services

    Google Doodle celebrating the first day of spring 2012, designed by Marimekko

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