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ATL Hold It Down


Profiling. Funny. -W

ATL Bucket List- already done some of these, and some I wouldn't want to do, but there are some great ideas on here! ...It's amazing what you miss and don't think about even when you've lived here your entire life!

ATL at Night - isn't she beautiful?

Ha! But Texas needs to be included in the "will hold door" section. Men have southern charm here too.

It's not okay.


Hahahaha. Yes! Exactly


BAHAHAHAHAHAHA thats actually hilarious

This is the most accurate reaction.

7 Places to go see in Georgia that you didn't know where there! Must go see all of these!

the best state

Let's have a staff meeting and discuss the things that must happen but will never actually end up happening.

haha. yes.


Christian Memes

@Emma Herrera why do I feel like this is you...

i laugh at this part every time!