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Early July is an excellent time to collect cuttings from favorite shrubs and to root them. Azalea, camellia and holly are easy shrubs to propagate by rooting. There are several techniques for helping a cutting to form its own root system.

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How to Root a Lilac From a Branch Lilacs propagated with rooted cuttings must be started in early summer immediately after the mother bush has finished blooming, and they must be treated with powdered hormone to hasten the production of roots. Within two months, healthy lilac cuttings form a productive root system and can survive outdoors in a sheltered spot, but it may take up to two years for the rooted lilac branch to bloom reliably.

How to propagate plants with root cuttings. (has nice list of plants propagated using this method).

VERY detailed instructions on how to Propagate Your Shrubs from Softwood Cuttings.

Propagate Your Favorite Plants With Root Cuttings Four simple steps to propagate more trees, shrubs and perennials

Who knew propagating begonias could be so easy? Cut, place in water til roots grow, plant.

Propagating Blueberry Bushes

Propagate Roses - Cut 8 to 9 inches of a long stem rose at 45-degree angle. Remove spent blooms, leaves, or rose hips. Dip stem in cinnamon. Take a potato, remove any "eyes". Cut it in half and bore a hollow for rose stem. Plant about 4 inches into the ground or pot with moist soil. Cover with a glass jar. Planting on the north side will give the roses soft morning sun. Water to keep the soil moist, but do not soak soil. Transplant in about two months. loved and pinned by