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Illustration Love

Sketchbook Notes




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Polish Book Cover Contest Winners Here are the results of the 50 Watts' Polish Book Cover Contest, which asked contestants to design the "Polish edition" of their favorite book. Poland's incredibly rich history of book design can be seen in the new book 1000 Polish Book Covers.

Paul Tebbott

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Ocean Drawing

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nautical design and organization : #art #paintings #drawings

Rose Bard

Colors Nice

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Great colors, nice illustrations.

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Obsolete Media Artworks by Nick Gentry

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Beautiful blog headers with layers scrapbook-style. See more at

David Palumbo

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Striking Paintings by David Palumbo | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

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Beautiful blog headers that are framed or unframed. See more at

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I like the page having only one sidebar and featuring the categories in the sidebar as well

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Beautiful blog headers balanced with logos and navigation bars. See more blog header inspiration at

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Godzgear Blog

Den Blog

Beautiful blog headers with centered logos. See more blog header inspiration at

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