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Changing back trouser yoke to a dart

10 Bias Tape Ideas You'll Use All Year

7 Ways to Attach Elastic - Sewtorial

Ever want to pull your hair out because your serger threads "don't look right"? Complete this simple sewing exercise, and you'll never wonder which dial you need to touch!

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Presser Feet Tutorials: Wow, an amazing video. I never thought 20 minutes would go by that fast. Covers a lot of different presser feet, showing installation, settings and examples of usage with enough detail but no excessive redundancy or chatter.

Joining and Sewing Ends of Piping Together. A FREE guide, article and fashion sewing video tutorial, only at http://www.fashionsewingblog.com

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Tips for accurate sewing

As with life, along your sewing journey there are moments that change you. Things you learn that blow your mind, and change the way you do things. When things like this happen, it can totally alter the way you think about sewing. Stop you from cringing over sewing an armhole, from shying away from certain fabrics, or from making that expensive purchase. It can mean sewing freedom. Here are 10 […]

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great tutorial for sewing piping

What you need to know before you learn to sew

How to sew leather... a few tips #sewing #design #diy

Tension tips

Make Crisp, Even Hems ~ Love this! All those years measuring and pinning!!!

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Sewing Bias Binding onto Curved Seams - YouTube

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