Chris Pines aka Captain Kirk

One of the main reasons the rebooted Star Trek is my go to "I hate my life and I need pretty eye candy" movies. oh Chris Pine

Male Model Atesh Salih, Turkish father, German mother, face of Georgio Armani for men. A fabulous portrait which I would love to try and re-create. What peircing eyes.

i'm not one to pin attractive men, and i really don't like when others do it, but guys. this is darren criss. it really doesn't get any better than this.

Darren Criss… straight guy who plays a gay guy on TV, has the voice of an angel, starred as Harry Potter in a musical, and takes pictures LIKE THIS in his spare time. Marry me please.

How can one man be so ridiculously perfect?

MATT BOMER not Christian grey! He might be playing Christian Grey in "Fifty Shades of Grey." Matt Bomer is the star of the USA Network television series White Collar and plays ken in the movie Magic Mike.

Celebrities l Знаменитости

Feel free to kill him, I don't really care) Jaden waked through the streets, on alert for Nascis. "The filth." He muttered.

Chris Pine from This Means War and Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement<3

Okay Chris pines is gorgeous♥♡♥♡ if you haven't seen This Means War.