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"Kate Jablonski is one crazy good choreographer! Not a huge fan of the black bikini costume, I think it would look better performed with less people and more original clothing, perhaps vintage pin up dress." says one pinner.

Ian is making me a fan again with this one. :) || Ian Eastwood Choreography Feat. Megan Batoon | "Chivalry Is Dead" - Trevor Wesley - YouTube

All ages, all sizes, all ethnicities killing it on the dance floor. I LOVE IT! Nicki Minaj - Anaconda - Choreography by Tricia Miranda ft @kaelynnharris | @nickiminaj @timmilgram - YouTube

Mos Wanted Crew. Love these boys. *a word of caution- songs may contain slight cursing- click at your own risk o.O*

This dance is sooo BUCK! haha Lauren and Twitch of course, hip-hop dance by Tabitha and Napoleon on season 7.

Jason and Jeanine perform Travis Wall's contemporary choreography to Jason Mraz' "If It Kills Me" in SYTYCD season 5. What I like best about this number is the emotional tension and the clever use of the prop -- a heart on a chain. Dance that tells a story... my favorite.