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trip calculator, figures out your trip cost with gas station suggestions

Save Money on Gas: It might seem crazy that some of us are still trying to save money on gas, considering how outrageously priced it is! But, it’s important to pinch pennies whenever possible, right? Heading cross-country, but not wanting to spend an arm and a leg on fuel? Us, too! Here are some tips that have helped us save money on gas on our road trips.

Roadtrip Journal (like the little binder and storage binders). Work on your travel journal while on the road. Shows what supplies you can bring, etc.

If you’re strapped for cash, use Trip Advisor’s “Tank of Gas” tool to plan an affordable road trip. Simply type in your hometown and indicate how much gas you want to use (full, half, or quarter tank). The tool will recommend destinations within reach, complete with mileage and estimated cost.

Looking for adventure on the road? You need these apps in your life... #spon #roadtrip

Ways to save money on your next road trip: With gas prices at sky high per gallon across the country, you may consider road trips a thing of the past. However, using these tips to help you prepare for your next road trip will save you so much money you will want to take one every year!

great way to save for any big thing....although in our house it's usually for a Disney trip!