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IBM 60th Anniversary of Tape by IBM Research, via Flickr

IBM Think

Today at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC '12), researchers from the renowned Swiss University of Science and Technology (ETH Zurich), IBM Research - Zurich and The Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Switzerland’s largest research center for natural and engineering sciences, received the 2012 PRACE Award. In photo from left to right, Alessandro Curioni (IBM) Yves Ineichen (ETH, IBM, PSI) and Costas Bekas (IBM).

Infographic Smarter CMOs Driving More IT Decisions by ibmphoto24, via Flickr

IBM rocked the Top500 list of the world's fastest supercomputers June 2012

CEOs Get Social by ibmphoto24, via Flickr

Inforgraphic shows how magentic tape in migrating to the cloud by providing Gbytes of storage for 2-to-3 cents. (Source: IBM)

IBM Model B Electric Typewriter Handbook, 1954.

Is Storage Antiquated? IBM Edge Recap : 2013 #ibmedge

CEOs Rank Technology #1 by ibmphoto24, via Flickr

Analytics at Work: Information Tree


The continuing global data explosion, which some say will reach 8 zettabytes by 2015, is demanding a new, smarter approach to storage. It must be one that infuses infrastructures with greater automation and intelligence to store data in the most strategic places, make it easier to access, and enable greater insights to be gained.

Tape libraries, like this one at Google, provide an early example of the use of robotics to manage #datacenter s. Robotic arms (visible at the end of the aisle) can load and unload tapes. (Photo: Connie Zhou for Google)

Dr. Mark Lantz from IBM’s Research lab in Zurich, Switzerland has been working on exploratory tape with FUJIFILM since the first record was set more than eight years ago.

IBM Deep Blue 15th Anniversary by IBM Research

physical storage anddigital storage

The Lifespan of Storage Media As each new form of data storage comes on the scene, the market is at first enamored with its compactness, convenience and hoped-for data longevity. But invariably, the reality of physical vulnerability and a limited lifespan remains. Eventually, all media fails, but Cloud backup is forever.

Sequoia, an IBM supercomputer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, was on June 18, 2012 named No. 1 on the TOP500

IBM and ESB eCars Drive Mass-Scale EV Charging across Ireland

IT headaches: How we need to change IT