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Bradley Cooper

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  • angela braxton

    He's got a great smile, and smart eyes. And not afraid to be a little messy! I like that Bradley Cooper doesn't have to be put together in a suit and clean shaven to be sexy. And I want a guy like that!

  • André de Atayde

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  • Kyla Chambers

    Bradley Cooper, eye candy

  • Sharon Turner

    Bradley Cooper. Sexiest Man of the Year 2011 Winner... and while I'll admit he is sexy.... he is VERY sexy. I still say Ryan Gosling was robbed of the title. I could make an entire page of Ryan Gosling. That would seem so very stalkerish; but, I could. He is portrayed as the most absolute delicious man. I don't know the guy in person ~ but damn, the perception of his personality is so cool. The body is actual fact... I mean, he IS gorgeous. Right? And so is Bradley Cooper. His persona as well ~ just seems to be the absolute coolest shit ever as far as dudes go. Ryan probably wins because of that whole Noah character thing ~ that's a keeper. Mmmm love my fantasy guys. <3

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Don't get me wrong - this is not a Bradley Cooper repin - I am in love with the contrast and the shades of black, grey, and white

Bradley cooper won my heart the day he kissed a special needs child on the cheek in the front row on the Ellen Degeneres show. I died lol

Bradley Cooper--YUMMY from here to the moon and back!!! Could swim in those baby blues all day long...

Bradley ... I might already have this pic on here but it's okay. He's so stinkin' cute in this one!!